Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unsealed crime scene

by blogger ic

So, earlier this month there was a sad case of the missing Yale student, Annie Le, who was supposed to get married in days. Days later, her body was found in the wall of the building where her lab was. Basically, she was seen going in her the building where her lab was but was never seen going back out. It would seem obvious that something awful occurred in the building, yet the Yale PD still decided to keep the building open, even until Sunday, when her body was finally found in the wall. Even though this was a missing persons case for the first couple of days, there should've been more caution.

In a series of interviews conducted yesterday, law enforcement experts from around the country said they were surprised and concerned that authorities did not seal the research facility on Amistad Street as soon as it became clear that Le was missing and that a crime could have been committed inside the building.
But the circumstances surrounding Le’s disappearance were unclear, and investigators initially proceeded on the presumption that Le was missing or kidnapped — not trapped inside the laboratory at 10 Amistad St.

Anything could've happened in the building any of the five days after she disapeared, and any evidence of the crime could've been contaminated. The Yale PD could probably have shown some better judgement in decisions they made.


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essmithUAB20 said...

The Yale police could have used a bit more caution but originally had no cause to be suspicious that anything had taken place in this building. There was no indication of any type disturbance there.No one reported anything until asked.The student was missing but I am sure that police thought in the beginning that she was a young college student just doing what young college student do.Also, there are procedures to follow concerning crime scenes. One is, first establishing a location as a crime scene. ES

Anonymous said...

This seems like a pretty devastatiing crime to the community and is truly a sad story. For someone to commit a crime like this, it takes a lot of dark negative thoughts and hopefully justice is served. AD

Anonymous said...

I see two sides to this story:
I’m not sure any of you have been in Volker Hall, not the nice big classrooms but the ground and basement floors. The labs on these floors are about 75% vacant but, there are still labs running experiments everyday and people from the above floors still have to come down to use certain equipment. It’s an absolute maze complete with dirty wall / hall ways, very low lighting, mice and bugs, loud equipment banging behind big dirty gray scary doors that will have writing that someone etched so and so loves so and so. If for some reason I have to go to those floors, I always joke with my co-workers and say “hey guys if I’m not back in 10 minutes, come find me or my corpses”. I get the feeling that I just landed a role on one of those SAW movies. If someone was killed in Volker Hall, it would not surprise me that it would take that long to find a body down there. Challenge yourself, take the tour alone. Then write me back. On the other hand, I can understand that the police should have sealed the facility off sooner, but at the same time as stated in the article there are thousands and thousands of missing people a day. Sadly, it takes events like this to happen to learn from to better prepare for the next possible ordeal.


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