Monday, October 22, 2012

Forensic News Blog Relaunch

This blog was originally created in 2006 as a way for participating forensic scientists to post links to interesting stories about forensic science.  Although the frequency of our University of Alabama at Birmingham blogging team never reached the level of daily or weekly posts, the blog did become a useful tool for forensic science students at UAB to discuss forensic science by posting links to news stories or contributing to the comments. 

In 2012, readers searching for forensic science content now have many more ways to find relevant material.  Organized blogs devoted to forensic science have appeared that post both links and original content.  Organizations have twitter accounts and Facebook pages that make reaching readers much easier than in RSS days.

At UAB, the Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research  has recently launched a web page highlighting our research activities.  With this launch, this blog will also make a relaunch of its own, with our focus shifting to include information about original research being conducted at UAB.

If you would like to follow our posts, you can subscribe to this blog.  Links will also be sent out via twitter, right now through the MSFS Program Director's account @jasonlinville.  A new twitter account or facebook page may be right around the corner.  For now, you'll just have to like us privately.