Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Super Bullets

"the Bubba Bullet is just incredible"
submit by troym; comments by blogger jgl

This is kind of an interesting story, but the endorsement by Irlene Mandrell really makes it post worthy.

Harold "Bubba" Beal didn't think so. He has invented a bullet he has coined "The Bubba Bullet", a type of frangible ammunition. That means the bullet breaks apart on contact with a solid surface, and it can be calibrated to turn to metallic dust when it strikes the thinnest metal, or beefed up to pierce thick layers of steel and bulletproof glass.

"Imagine a round that could revolutionize airplane security as federal sky marshals can fire it without any fear of ricochet or pass through, or fear of hitting an innocent passenger or penetrating the aircraft's skin. Terrorists might think twice," Tyser said.

yser said it would also decrease the danger of hostage situations because a policeman could fire a Bubba Bullet, penetrate thick layers of glass or a metal car door, and deliver a hit on a criminal without the risk of hitting innocent bystanders. In recent tests at federal proving grounds in Virginia, a standard .223-caliber Bubba Bullet inflicted a wound cavity in a soap block that was equal to the size of a baseball.

"It's one of the most precise rounds I have ever fired," said country music star and famed women's outdoors activist Erlene Mandrell.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The idea of using frangible bullets is a great idea but the draw back is it much harder to look at striations when all you have is metal powder. AJG

Anonymous said...

Useing fragmented bullets is a good idea to insure the bullet does not pass through whatever you are shooting at whether it be a person or a plane and hit something unintentionally;however, what would the U.S government do if these "Bubba Bullets" got into the hands of terrorist? They say in the article these bullets would make the terrorist think twice. What would the government do I they had one more thing to worry about?

Anonymous said...

Useing fragmented bullets is a good idea to insure the bullet does not pass through whatever you are shooting at whether it be a person or a plane and hit something unintentionally;however, what would the U.S government do if these "Bubba Bullets" got into the hands of terrorist? They say in the article these bullets would make the terrorist think twice. What would the government do I they had one more thing to worry about?

Forensic Bloggers said...

sometimes products developed for one purpose (firing by air marshalls inside airline), can be used for other purposes by criminals (untrackable bullets). You could limit the public sale of the bullets, but would that be too much gov't regulation? what would urlene mandrell think?

Anonymous said...

I think that the "Bubba bullet" may be a great invention, but what could happen if it were to get into the wrong hands? It may be built to protect but what if some of the terrorist or someone were to use them to harm others? SM

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