Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here's Lookin at You, Crook.

not your typical serial killers

by blogger jgl

AAFS Annual Meeting:

On Wednesday, there is not much going on other than some posters and the exhibits. I didn’t make it in time for the posters, but all the exhibits were out in full force.

One that was interesting to me was the Trace Genetics booth. Some other companies are doing this too. It seems most of their work is done for the public. They send you a swab, you send them your cheek cells, then they analyze your DNA and tell you about your ancestry (80% European, 20% Native American, etc.). Now you know if you can open that casino you always wanted.

Why not do it in casework? They can also analyze DNA from a crime scene and tell you about the ancestry of the perpetrator. Not a lot of police agencies are spending the money to do this, but in some circumstances they are. We’re getting closer to being able to produce a “picture” of an individual from DNA alone. Good thing or potential for abuse? What the heck, I say good thing. Maybe we can get a more accurate profile of serial killers beyond "white male, mid-30s, military background, loner".

More to come…


Anonymous said...

I agree.....I think it is a good thing. We have made many improvements over the years w/ detecting or testing DNA, but any other more specific info we can get from DNA, the better.


Forensic Bloggers said...

we'll see. i'm sure the technique will eventually be abused, hopefully it is put to good use before that.

Anonymous said...

Well I think that having DNA has improved on catching criminals. With DNA the world get more criminals off the street than before the world started using. When you first hear about the men who did the killings most everyone thought they were white but no anyone can do the crime if it satisfy their sick minds. That was not a racist statement because I am black but I was just stating the facts about the whole situation. AMC

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