Friday, January 19, 2007

Vick's Bottle

by blogger jgl

During a recent trip to the airport, Michael Vick surrendered a water bottle with a secret compartment that contained a marijuana-like smell, according to security personnel. I hope the smell test is reliable. Even if the test (for THC, I imagine) comes back negative and there was never anything illegal in the water bottle, his reputation will be affected. Maybe even in a negative way.

Vick reluctantly surrendered a water bottle to security at Miami International Airport that smelled like marijuana and contained a substance in a hidden compartment. He was not arrested and was allowed to board an AirTran flight that landed in Atlanta before noon Wednesday.

Under Florida law, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine. First offenders rarely do any jail time.

The bottle was found to have a compartment that contained "a small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana," a Miami police report said. The compartment was hidden by the bottle's label so that it appeared to be a full bottle of water when held upright, police said.

Eh... suspicious. For the professionals, if there was marijuana in there at one time, what are the chances of detecting THC? Good? Lousy?


Anonymous said...

Vick let down his team, his fans and his city. If there wasnt anything illegal in the sports bottle, he wouldve given it up when they first asked for it. The quarterback position in the NFL is the most important position in all of sports. You are a role model to many kids. Next time, think about what youre representing Mike!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I do hope that they do not find anything that would ruin his reputation; at the same time, since his name will be associated with marijuana now whether or not they find anything, It would be very sad if it turned up to be nothing. It does seem suspicious that he didn't want to turn the bottle over to security. It seems like he had something to hide after all.


Anonymous said...

As of today, Vick has been exonerated of any charges he was facing. Being cynical, I believe that somehow this "bump" was smoothed over because of his status. Although he will not be charged, a stain will and must be left on his character. He knowingly used that bottle to deceive authorities. This is another black eye for the NFL. Eventually someone is going to pay for their misdeeds. It will not be Michael Vick though (this time).


Anonymous said...

it very sad to see such a role model go through all of this, but on the other hand, Michael Vick has been known to get in trouble for marijuana, so it is easier to think and assume that there was some kind of particles of marijuana in the bottle. i think is very stupid on vicks part to even get himself on that spot even if he wasnt carrying anything.

Anonymous said...

I understand that haveing marijuana is wrong, but many people use it daily. I don't think he did anything that any other person who was trying to carry marijuana on a plane would not have done, he just happened to be a public figure. Yes this doesn't look good to the kids that he is a role model for but, it's his life. Everyone has something that may bother others. He is an adult, he knows how his actions influence the public, so it's his choice. It could have been worse, he could have been found with something like Cocain!

* R.G. *

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with him being busted for marijuana. What he does behind closed doors is of no concern to anyone but himself. People should realize that athletes are not role models. They are simply players paid to entertain the public.


Anonymous said...

I've seen police officers test plant matter for THC (what I observed ended up being tea), and the method they used involved a plastic pouch filled with a liquid, putting the sample in contact with that liquid and waiting for it to turn purple. I've had some trouble finding exactly what that chemical was and how it reacted to THC. The internet is filled with how to pass your latest urine test, blah blah blah, but I was wondering if anybody was familiar with that method of THC testing, and how reliable it would be for an "on the spot" situation like Vick's.


Anonymous said...

Right now, you cannot carry any type of liquid past the security checkpoint at airports...being someone who travels a lot, or someone who has probably seen the news at least once or twice since September 11th, Vick should have known that. If he was going to sneak Marijuana onto the plane, he should have at least been smart enough to know what kind of container to smuggle it in on. He should try smoking pot less and turning on CNN more.


Anonymous said...

I want to know if Vick has made a statement regarding the water bottle issue. The man plays the game very well; however, his rep has already been tainted with his visits to the clinic. So does it really matter if the man was attempting to carry marijuana on a plane? Shouldn't we just be concerned with how well he plays the game?


Forensic Bloggers said...

great comments.

to answer one of the questions, the "purple test" is most likely the Duquenois-Levine test. Not being a drug analyst, I'm not sure what the chances are of getting a positiv for this test. It seems obvious that the airline employees only did a "smell test".

Popular opinion will be the judge on this one. It all is a game of media relations. It always seems like the path taken is one of shutting up and saying nothing about the situation until one is "forced" to by the media.


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Anonymous said...

Personally, it shows maturity does not come along with great fame. He has dislayed to many that he has not let go of an old habit. I am not saying thatis a drug abuser, but his action show differently. He has to understand that his actions are not just in private view but that of the public.


Forensic Bloggers said...

for bs...

i'm beginning to agree about vick's maturity. this post is somewhat old. in the aftermath, it turned out that THC was NOT detected, which might just mean that the levels in the residue were too low or that the security guard's "smell test" was just flat out wrong.

I began to feel sorry for vick, but after the whole dog thing it just seems like he has to force himself through some growing pains, and force some of his friends/family through them as well.

The Chicago Sports Kibitzer said...

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Anonymous said...

vick is in the public eye. everything he does good or bad will be publicized. Truly, if he was really trying to smuggle some marijuana on a plane he would not have willingly gave up his bottle. Besides all of the supplements these athletes take it could have been anything. Vick has bigger problems to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Obviously there was something sketchy going on. Who just carries around water bottles with secret compartments? Professional athletes are role models whether they like it or not. For the amount of money Vick is payed to play a game, you would think he could make some attempt to conduct himself in a professional manner.


Forensic Bloggers said...

well, at the time i was giving vick the benefit of the doubt. It is reasonable for him to want a place to hide his valuables while traveling. Also, the "smell test" from security failed to result in any positive tests for marijuana.

however, since that time, vick has been shown to have a less than stellar personal life.


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