Thursday, May 04, 2006

Deputies not poisoned by meth!

submitted by troym; comments by blogger jgl

Doesn't the headline and story just say it all?

Nobody slipped methamphetamine into a Sarpy County deputy's meal at an Applebee's restaurant, authorities said Friday.

Two Sarpy County sheriff's deputies said they became nauseated and disoriented after eating at the Papillion Applebee's on March 12.

The deputy's illness resulted from an adverse reaction to medication, Davis said.

The other deputy who became ill had not tested positive for meth, but Davis said investigators could not determine what caused the second deputy's illness.

"There are just some things you will never know," Davis said.

Even if you read the entire article (click on the blog headine above), there is still something missing here. The faulty first test originally showed meth was in the officer's food. This begs the question, does the Omaha lab perform comprehensive food analysis everytime an officer gets a tummy-ache? My guess is one of the officers had a beef with one of the cooks.