Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bigfoot Debunked!

submitted by TroyM; posted by jgl

Finally, forensic science being put to good use.

That’s why Moody, a 57-year-old forensic biologist at Ohio University, didn’t automatically dismiss numerous Bigfoot sightings in Ohio through the years until he investigated one particular event.

Now, Moody says he thinks that Bigfoot sightings in Ohio are nothing more than myth.

The owners of the property where the sighting occurred had just had a load of gravel spread. Afterward, it rained and water flowed down the lane, picking up pieces of gravel, stirring eddies and digging little trenches.

"These were being interpreted as toe impressions," Moody said.

The hair turned out to be from a whitetailed deer.

Thanks for the story, Troy. I think fun stuff like this at universities is great.
And i'm not just saying that because i am an OU graduate and Athens lover.


spinach said...

sigh.... this was pretty bad "science"
and a very shallow investigation of "All" bigfoot sightings in ohio.... this was not very thorough at all

Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot Real?

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Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot Real or fraudulent? For more than four hundred a long time, there have been reporting’s of a guy like monster which is absolutely covered in hair.