Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dexter Copycat

by blogger orf

It is now common knowledge that the general American public has an obsession with forensic-based shows. CSI has been one of the top ranking shows for years. Unfortunately, a lot of the viewers of this show now consider themselves experts in the field of forensic science. Of course, this can cause all kinds of issues with juries and could even help educate criminals, but in this show, the criminal is always caught and the audience is left with an appreciation for both science and law enforcement.

Recently, another forensic show has been getting more media attention: Dexter. For those of you that aren't familiar with the show, Dexter is an expert blood analyst based in the Miami PD. Sounds pretty typical, but Dexter is also a serial killer who uses his knowledge and connections to get away with murder. In the series, the viewers watch Dexter feed his need to kill by murdering criminals who managed to slipped through the system. Most viewers actually end up rooting for Dexter, I know I do, but some people take it too far. There have been several accounts of people idolizing Dexter, many people saying they can relate to him. Recently, a boy in Indiana who is a fan of the show admitted to killing his brother and said he was inspired by Dexter. Hopefully, this will not become a trend.

An Indiana teen, who said strangling his little brother was like eating a great hamburger, pleaded guilty Monday to murder, according to The Associated Press. Anthony Conley, now 18, (right) admitted to authorities late last year that he was inspired by the television series about a serial killer, "Dexter."


Anonymous said...

It's rather obvious that Dexter isn't inspiring these sociopaths to become serial killers. If it did, we would have trouble feeling overly upset about it. Dexter only kills other murderers.

None of the copycats appear to be copying Dexter's code...which means Dexter didn't REALLY inspire them...they are sociopaths, and that's simply where they were headed anyhow.

I absolutely do not believe that fiction causes people to do things they wouldn't otherwise do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. Anyone familiar with the "Dexter" character knows that he is a vigilante who only kills murderers and sex offenders who have managed to evade justice. While the character does enjoy killing these types of people, he is completely devoted to a code which forbids the harming of any innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Exactly...If any show inspires murders it's stupid reality shows like "Jersey Shore"...I'm sane and watching that makes me want to strangle somebody.

Anonymous said...

I do belive that television has a great impact on the minds of people but still it is pathetic to put blame of our action on some tv show. I agree with anonymous

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge dexter fan. And I have to admit I root for him everytime. But for normal people the line between reality and fantasy is clearly drawn. And as said, these copycats are not even killing bad people like dexter does. You can't blame a tv show for crazy peoples actions. Not everyone who watches jersey shore gets their hair greased up and goes out fist pumping, and not everyone who watches the deadliest catch becomes a fisherman. Its fucking tv people, be your own person, you don't have to emulate what you see on tv. Most celebs are assholes anyways, why would you want to be like any of them. and if you wanna go out and murder rapists and murderers go for it, but expect to be caught, cause nobody gets away with that shit in this day n age....dexter fucking rocks, he's the shit, and you could never be as cool as him anyways, so why even try?

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