Monday, April 07, 2008

Criminals turning to TV shows to cover their tracks

by team UAB, DB

You knew it was coming...ideas from shows like CSI being used by criminals to cover up murders.

“It was only when police told me that witnesses had said people were cleaning the car quite vigorously a short time after Andrew Scanlan disappeared and rolling tape on their hands to try to remove any forensic trace that would show Mr Scanlan had been in the vehicle.

“Luckily for us, there always tends to be some fibres left behind."

We all know criminals aren't the brightest...good thing even help from the media isn't enough to get away with murder.


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Anonymous said...

I watch First 48 ALL THE TIME and I've heard the investigators say that these criminals are getting too smart. They are watching these make believe shows on tv that tell them what the cops are looking for. In this instance this was so true because the people that did the shooting somehow had picked up all of the shell casings. I believe that watching these shows can give you an idea of what you think would be the perfect crime or murder but it's not. Technology is getting really advanced that pretty soon they'll be able to catch a criminal with absolutely no leads or known suspects. ~MAW

Anonymous said...

This one has been coming for a while. I often wonder how much time will go by before these "television experts" switch off of prime time - to cinemas - and begin attempting murder scenes from movies like Saw.
It follows the same concept as the media's public announcements of a suspect's whereabouts. We all know once the suspect turns on the radio, he'll just go in the other direction.
The media often is just an underestimated accomplice!


Forensic Bloggers said...

HA! I like the idea of the media as an accomplice. This is why the investigators are often tight-lipped about an investigation. there is also the balance for the media of having the responsibility of warning the public about potential danger (criminals on the loose).

as for the perfect crime, often the physical evidence isn't the crack in the case. Usually it will be a witness or a ticked of ex-friend. It can be tough to keep a crime a secret.

good comments.


Anonymous said...

When I first started watching shows like CSI and Crossing Jordan, I knew this was coming. My friends and I used to actually sit around and talk about all the things we would need to do to pull off the perfect murder. Like shaving our heads, wearing gloves, pouring bleach all over everything, picking up the shell casings, and things like that. Luckily I will never need to use all of these valuable tips! But I do think that the media is educating people by letting them learn from other's mistakes and learning how to be a smarter criminal. Plus people are learning more about their rights and the tricks that police try to use to coerce suspects, which I would think is making confessions less likely.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe there is not some kind of law pretaining to television shows like this. I am a fan of multiple forensic shows and i cannot fathom someone believing they could get a way with something because of a t.v. show. It's a bit scary. BP

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