Thursday, December 13, 2007

Iris scans could be 'as common as fingerprinting'

by team UAB,JMD

It appears that this new technology is hitting stations accross the nation. However, it seems as if though it is doing just what fingerprints and DNA technologies do: identify people. The good thing about this new eye-scanning technology is that it can find matches within seconds instead of waiting weeks, even months for results. I think that this is worth putting extra money into in order to perfect the system and spread its use. It may be a little more costly than other methods, but I think that the quickness of identifying offenders far outweighs the costs. I am not advocating that we push fingerprint and DNA technology to the way-side either. Mainly because people's iris' are not left at crime scenes. However, I think that this new scanning technique will be a good way to supplement our existing techniques. Thus, making the probability of convictions even greater.

More than 2,100 departments in 27 states are taking digital pictures of eyes and storing the information in databases that can be searched later to identify a missing person or someone who uses a fake name,.

It is futuristic in nature but definitly feasible. also, it has a lot of support from law enforcement.


ssbailey said...

Is it possible to use iris scanning to determine a person's identity post-mortem if the remains have been preserved?

Anonymous said...

I think using the eye instead of fingerprints is more efficient, because the article said results for identification is much quicker and I saw in a movie one time where a person put on "finger tips" on his fingers and it changed his prints to someone else. It seems that it would be hard to put new eyes on to trick some one, so that may be a good thing for making sure the right person is found for what ever it is he or she needs to be found for...NGH

Anonymous said...

The use of iris scans to identify people does seem like it would be more efficient since matches can be found in seconds rather than weeks. I never would have imagined that iris scans can be used to identify a person. This was a very interesting article especially the part that says they are testing a device that can scan a crowd and gather iris data for many people...LAS

Anonymous said...

The iris scanning technology is innovative and seems to be very useful, especially the speed with which it can identify people. However, fingerprinting, which has long been used by law enforcement agencies has also been proven very useful. Instead of sharpening the new iris scanning technology, perhaps the money would be better used in measures to prevent crime in the first place. BSC

Anonymous said...

I work in law enforcement and we have this technology in our jails and court houses. However, the software used does not seem to identify people only searches a database and comes up with possible results for people who have warrants. A very good idea if it will work correctly. TG

Anonymous said...

The ability to scan an entire crowd reminds me of the movie Minority Report and is a little concerning. If the technology worked flawlessly then I could see how this would be a great idea, but there is also a possibility that the technology could lead to false leads or arrests if not perfected. EMA

Anonymous said...

I think that this will be helpful because iris scanning only takes a few seconds.It could be used to help back evidence. I think it should be used to cut down on time but it should not be the only thing used. We should also still use fingerprints and DNA technology.

Anonymous said...

I think that more funding should be given to this type of program. Since the results are shown so much faster than DNA and fingerprinting, iris scanning should be implemented. That could mean the difference in solving a crime or not solving a crime. However, I do think that the other methods should still be used and should supplement the iris scanning technique...ESB

Anonymous said...

This might sounds a little naive, but would the iris scanning work on identical twins? I know that they have the same DNA, but I dont know about their fingerprints?

So, would identical twins have the same iris scanning?


Anonymous said...

They've been talking about this technology for years. I know I've read about it being used in Banks, at ATM's and in high security areas. Why hasn't the technology become more wide-spread? Is it really that expensive or that difficult to incorporate? Anyone know what major obstacles this technology is encountering? J.I.M.

Anonymous said...

I think the iris scanning is a very interesting concept, but should not be used instead of fingerprints. The iris scanning is an innovative thing and shows how much technolgy influences forensics...JB

Anonymous said...

I would rather get my iris scanned than stick my finger in that germ infested fingerprint ink so this is a good idea. FT

Forensic Bloggers said...

good question about post mortem. the retina degrades quickly, i'm guessing the iris would too:

i think changing fingerprints is somewhat rare (and damaging your own prints reeks of suspicion), but i suppose faking your eyes would be tricky (unless special interfering contacts could be developed).

for crowd scanning, i too am concerned with the false identification rate. i'm not convinced it would work. face recognition technology is overhyped, but i don't think it works too well in reality.

the twin comment is good. my guess is the irises would be different (fingerprint of twins are different).

when comparing to DNA and fingerprints, remember - DNA and fingerprints can be left behind at a crime scene. Eyeballs can not.

-dr. l

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