Wednesday, August 23, 2006

NEWSFLASH! Possible Conspiracy!

stolen from; comments by blogger jgl

This news article is kind of misleading. It seems to suggest that the "single bullet" JFK theory is fatally flawed. Actually, it just *might* be fatally flawed.

Basically, in 1976 an assassination commission hired some bullet guy do some elemental analysis on bullet fragments. He said it looked like 2 bullets were found in the Kennedy car. Everyone now seems to agree that this elemental analysis of bullets is crap. In other words, there *could* have been more than 2 bullets. But this new "review" doesn't suggest that there definitely were more than 2 bullets.

According to Guinn, one set of fragments from the president's brain and the limousine in front of the president had around .06 percent antimony, and all came from the bullet that killed JFK. The other set of fragments from the governor's wrist and a nearly intact bullet found on a stretcher at the hospital had closer to .08 percent antimony and were pieces of the infamous "single bullet."

Based on evidence including the bullet lead, the committee concluded in 1979 that both shots had come from Oswald's gun...

...The FBI claimed that like a fingerprint, each batch of lead has a unique chemical signature, so the specific amounts of impurities in a lead bullet could match it with other bullets from the same batch. For example, if bullets at a suspect's house were found to have the same impurity signature as a bullet or fragment found at a murder scene, it was treated as evidence tying the suspect to the crime.

Randich's training as a metallurgist told him there was something wrong with this reasoning.

The Randich and Grant article is in Journal of Forensic Sciences, July 2006.


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