Thursday, February 22, 2007

BYOS - Vampires!

by blogger jgl

AAFS Annual Meeting (BYOS):

Mark Benecke is entertaining. Click the title to go to his website (

Tonight he told the story of his work exploring the existence of vampires. Told in an enthusiastic manner, Mark described how many of the traits assigned to vampires are actually just natural (albeit somewhat rare) traits of decomposition.

A vampire doesn't die or decompose. Some bodies will mummify or have their flesh turn to adipocere, lacking the appearance of normal decomposition.

A vampire sucks blood or bleeds from the mouth or eyes. Some bodies will leak decomposition fluid out of the mouth or nose, which can run back into the eyes.

A vampire has long fingernails. Some dead bodies will have the skin on the fingers "shrink" back, giving the appearance of fingernail growth after death.

There were some other cases and vampire theories thrown in (including something about a bloated penis, pic included). Entertaining stuff.


Journo Jones said...

Mark Benecke is apparently a plagiarist. After reading his section on Peter Kurten in "Murderous Methods" then doing further research on the subject on, I discovered that Benecke had lifted the entire section, word for word, from The crime library article was published in 1999. Benecke's book was published in 2002. What a shame.

Unknown said...

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